Sunday, 21 June 2015

Oriflame More By Demi Lipstick Review Coral Red

Hello guys today i am going to review beautiful lip shade by oriflame that's coral red here's is thing 

More By Demi
PRICE :- 699/- for 4 g

 I thought to buy this one as  it seemed quite interesting to me and i purchased it .  I really love reds anything like that would be enough for me to get it right away. Coming to the packaging it's quite attractive , comes with a class i really liked it and the interesting part it's way to open is something unusual or different from other lipsticks that i have tried so far here the thing is to open you need press in and out like button /clickit pen sort of 

so i hope you guys got it what I'm trying to say above. Coming to the experience i loved it , it provides great pigmentation in just one swipe and gives a glossy finish to your lips and it's texture is just so smooth that it glides on your lips and it also provides moisturisation to your lips (yes it does ) you don't to worry about that part as it doesn't at all make your lips dry or flaky    . Indeed no lip balm is required and it stays up to 5-6 hrs which quite impressive with meals in between :) 

This range of shades are really rich in texture and quality when compared to the other range from oriflame . Smell of the lipstick is also not bad at all as far as for the fact of that irritating chemical smell that i get from other lipsticks this definitely is not the one as it smells good , but it doesn't stay on your lips for a long while . I like the fact that it has creamy texture and you don't require much effort as it has great pigmentation in a single swipe you're done but the fact about the price tag might not be liked as it's a kind of pricey but other than that i think you might like it .

It might  bleed a bit after 3 hrs or so , i prefer to apply one swipe over the lips blot it down with a tissue and again reapply the lipstick as it would help in sustaining the lipstick for a longer while . Now ,coming to the shade it's' JUST WOW!' i am really loving it , it's sort of orangish - red not completely red nor orange it's kind a mixture of two shades so i guess the name  'CORAL RED' itself is enough to explain the shade  . As you guys can see the swatch below and it's just a single swipe 



  • Smooth texture 
  • Creamy formula
  • Provides moisturization
  • Superb staying 
  • Amazing shades 
  • Attractive packaging

  • Pricey

 RATINGS :-4/5

If you're a kind of person who loves to flaunt bold shades and if you're a person who has likening towards it's a must try for you :)

PS :-From past few days i have been not able to post anything as i was busy with my exams so from now i will be posting as much as i can