Monday, 27 April 2015

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Body Wash Review

Hi everyone ,
                Today I'm going to review the body wash by dove that's quite hydrating 

Price :- 150 for 200 ml

I feel so free , good and better every time i use a body wash it gives me good feeling actually i feel better , usually i prefer them over soaps . It comes in sturdy blue colour packaging with flip -flop cap that's quite good and coming to the experience it has been good , it moisturises your skin and keeps it hydrated , the texture is creamy , very little amount is required and lathers really well on the loofah but it has very minute exfoliating beads , to some extent it cleans your body well but it didn't actually  exfoliate my skin as it claims  but it moisturises really well you actually don't require a moisturizer for your skin , i think it's must buy for people with dry skin it might turn out good to them .Overall it' good  until you have problem with it's smell which is not irritating but i kind of didn't like it

Pros :-

  • Moisturises well
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • cleanses skin 
  • keeps skin hydrated
  • Lathers well   

Cons :-

  • Doesn't exfoliates as claims it 
  • Might smell weird 

RATINGS :- 4/5

What do you usually prefer a soap or body wash ?

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss Review

Hello guys today I'm reviewing yet another lip butter of nivea

Price :- 189 /- for 16.7 g

As i was so addicted to this range of lip butter's i couldn't really resist buying yet another one  and finally grabbed this one 'HAPPY DANCE ' i know I'm  going quite mad at it but i really can't help myself and coming to the experience it was wonderful it doesn't leave white cast on your lips and keeps them hydrated for a long period , it smells of rose but not that overpowering , it doesn't give any colour to lips but it moisturises them very well I'm obsessed over it for that  and i could find only con about it that it has tub packaging , your hands should be clean before you apply it then it's fine .It's sturdy , pocket friendly ,  gives me moisturization , reasonable overall superb . It's  must buy i can't get over them , my cravings have increased and I'm thinking to buy more of them, i totally recommend these are just lovely , and can be used as base for your lipsticks as they will keep your lips hydrated and you won't feel any dryness .


  • Superb staying power 
  • Heals  chapped lips
  • Pocket -friendly
  • Reasonable
  • Non -greasy 
  • Smells good 


  • Tub packaging 

RATINGS :- 5/5

which one you like the most in this range ?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Hello guys today I'm reviewing this lip linear of maybelline 

Price :- 275 /- for 5 g

The packaging of the product is quite good it doesn't trouble you , the cap is quite tight enough that's really nice and the texture of the pencil is smooth it glides over your lips and coming to shade , it's a golden brown shade and it can be used to line up your lips as well as for lipstick base for your lips and it increases staying power of the lipstick , coming to the liner it stays around 3-4 hrs without meals which is quite average not that great  but still it has decent  pigmentation , it suits almost all skin shades especially Indian tone but it might turn a bit darker shade for some . overall, it's a average kind of product , the shade is not appealing me , i didn't like it much .



Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Lolita Review

Hello everyone , today I'm reviewing this cute pretty pink lip balm by maybelline 

Price :- 165 /-

This pretty comes in twister kind of packaging similar to that of an lipstick . It gives a pretty pink tint to your lips that's really beautiful and it's staying power is around 2-3 hrs which is not at all bad and it has smooth texture it doesn't leave any whitish grease on your lips , it does moisturise your lips , it helped to reduce my lips dryness to an certain extent but it's not that heavy so i don't think it's  that great for extra chapped lips otherwise it's good , it acts as very good base for your lipsticks  and I'm madly in love with this range . This one is one of  my fave from this range of baby lips . 


Monday, 6 April 2015

Oriflame Pure Nature's Rose Water Review

Hello guys today i'm reviewing this rose water of oriflame 

PRICE :- 129 for 75 ml



I haven't used anything like this before , i usually use toners but when i was just flipping pages so i found it quite interesting so i thought why not give it a try ? so , finally purchased this one and later while using i found out this one is worth purchasing , it removed all the dirt from my face , i felt refreshed each time i used it .Coming to the 
fragrance it smells of fresh roses , it's smell is so good but if you are kinda of person who don't like smell of roses then you wouldn't like it . Otherwise i don't feel anything bad about this product . It's reasonable ,  refreshes your skin .This comes in packaging of an plastic bottle with a pump that's on the go thing to spray on your face .It's usage is simple you can apply it using an cotton or spray it on directly , it contains cute pink colour and it's quite handy , travel -friendly easy to go with and coming to my experience it worked , it's really nice you can use it on a daily bases as a cleanser , it removes all the dirt . It's  easy to use you carry it where ever you go  , each time you use this you feel light , refreshed and good .


Friday, 3 April 2015

Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream Review

Hello everyone today I'm reviewing this awesome lip butter by nivea that really has a divine caramel smell

PRICE :- 189 for 16.7 g

This comes in a tub packaging that might be quite unhygienic because dirt or particles might get accumulated . Otherwise it's just fine and coming to my experience it's was just awesome , it's moisturizing power is just great it really heals your chapped lips . Especially it healed my lips very well it's must buy and it smells divine OMG ! i feel so tempting it's sweet caramel smells like bakery oh god it's just heavenly but the smell doesn't show up when applied and it's staying power is great around 4-5 hrs that's really good .It's texture is non - greasy it glides on the lips and surely makes them soft , supple  , for best results it's better you wear it at night and overnight your lips will get  much better and  soft .I'm in love with this it's just worth buying it , it's reasonable , smoothen out  your lips, pocket friendly , smells divine i think  it's must buy 


  • Superb staying power
  • Reasonable
  • Handy 
  • Heals lips well
  • Smells divine 

  • Tub packaging - unhygienic 
  • Nothing else 

RATINGS :- 5/5

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin

Hello , everyone today I'm reviewing dove's face wash for normal to dry skin 

Price ;- 180 for 100 gms 

It comes a thin tube packaging and its cap is like flip -flop easy to open you really don't require extra pressure to open it up but be careful while while taking out it might come more than you require for each wash . Coming to my experience with it was really nice it worked for me , it really made my skin soft , supple after each time i used it and it's a great product according to me and it isn't necessary that your skin must be dry to use it .Even people with oily skin can use it really makes the skin soft and makes it squeaky clean , it removes make up  as well

RATINGS ;- 4.8/5

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate Review

Hello everyone today i'm reviewing this amazing lip balm of nivea i really love this shade 

Price :- 140/-

This  lovely lip balm comes in a cute packaging it's kind of similar to lipstick packaging , they come with a twister .so, it's kind of easy to use and they are quite moisturizing not that heavy but still they last for 1 -2 hrs so it's kind of average but still they are must buy under this price tag it's must grab thing . so, coming to the tint it gives a  pinkish - red tint and it's smell is like so heavenly OMG ! it smells of fruity pomegranate it doesn't irritate your senses like others that might have a sort of chemical smell .when compared to other variants in this range pomegranate is a bit more pigmented that makes it more must buy one among others and it acts as very good base for lipsticks and you can otherwise also wear it everyday . Overall i feel It's really good do it try it .




  • Cute packaging
  •  Gives lovely tint
  • Reasonable
  • Pocket friendly 
  • it smells deliciously juicy i just love to keep sniffing it
  • moisturing


  • nothing as such 
  • the spf is not mentioned

Ratings : 4.5/5