Monday, 25 May 2015

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream- Night Review

Hello everyone , today I'm reviewing this night cream by garnier 

Garnier White Complete Night Cream
 PRICE :- 175 for 40 g

hello guys so here i am to  review this night cream , i brought this quite a while ago . Yes , it's been  a while  since i am using this night cream and before this one i had tried  it's day cream which did fail to satisfy me . OK now , just leave that for a while but all i can say it's better than the day cream which made look oily like heck ! 

It comes in tub packaging , as usual and the texture of the cream is really smooth . It readily absorbs into the skin leaving your skin soft , supple and smooth , it smells of fresh lemon WOW ! refreshing ! if you don't like the smell , don't worry it fades away after a period of time so NO WORRIES :) . The texture is quite similar to that of an lotion , if you massage a bit it absorbs quickly into your skin , it doesn't make you feel greasy nor it leaves white cast behind and it does not make you feel oily or dumb either it absorbs into your skin .
The experience with this was really nice , the first time i used it and i woke up only to find out that it really made my skin look much brighten than usually i find it to be , skin was baby soft really smooth .

The experience was not a bad one at all , this is just a good decent  cream anybody could just go for it . I can't say much about the 'Acne Scars' as it has reduced them to an extent yes it does . I felt my nose was a bit oily when i woke up so i guess that's fine almost every night cream gives that amount of extra moisture which sometimes you don't require during summer's especially . Overall it's a good one to try which comes under this price tag .


  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Brightens your face 
  • Reasonable
  • Moisturises 
  • Helps in reducing blemishes
  • Smells good 


  • Nothing as such 
Ratings :- 4/5

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

ORIFLAME Kohl Pencil Black Review

hey everyone,

Today I'm going to review oriflame kohl pencil I have always loved oriflame products and tried many of oriflame products and also budget friendly

The kohl pencil comes in two shades

black and nude

product description

Enhance and define your eyes with this creamy, colour-rich eyeliner. The nude shade acts as an eye opener for a bright, young look. The intense black adds dramatic definition. Safe to use even for sensitive eyes. 

price: 249 rupees for 1.3 gm



coming to the product it comes a pencil packaging you need to sharpen it . the pencil lead looks dark its soft and glides on the eye easily on the lids its colour payoff is better when compared to waterline it gives good black colour if you want to intensify the colour 2 -3 more swipes will give you more intense black colour overall I really love this kohl.It stays on the lids for about morning till evening or even more until u remove it but when you touch your eyes by chance it it just comes off to your fingers and also slightly gets transferred to to your lids but  doesn't look  bad as such its doesn't melt and give you racoon eyes 
 its water resistant but not completely waterproof its slightly gets washed when it gets in contact with water but doesn't come off completely with water it needs to be removed by makeup remover to remove completely overall its budget friendly and it good for daily use. 


  • good staying power
  • nice colour payoff
  • smooth application 
  • water resistant


  • smudges when touched 

Ratings: 3.75/5

Friday, 15 May 2015

Lakme Eyeconic Green Kajal Review

Hello guys , today I'm reviewing this amazing lovely kajal by lakme :)

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal green 

PRICE :- 250 for 0.35 g

hello so here i am going  mad over this one , yup it's just amazing i really like this one . It's now available in many shades as i was tempted to try it out , i brought the green one which is just awesome it's deep green shade which resembles black you might get confused that whether it's black or green once you  see the tip but you can identify the green shade that it gives when you swipe .  It comes in an twister kind of packaging and i find this one really good as you don't need to SHARP ! yes i was quite happy with the fact that there no need to sharp like you would do in case of pencils which again leads to wastage of the product . It has sleek pencil body  with comes in twister form with a cap which is quite good and you must be careful while you turn it up and down if just in case you play around with it might just break .

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 

Coming to the shade the colour really pays off , i mean it does . It gives great pigmentation in just one swipe , this point has made me love it more . I mean you don't really need to rub and rub to get the colour on your eyes . The texture is quite smooth and it glides smoothly without giving much pain or troubling you. The staying power is good but it didn't stay up to 10 hrs for me it almost lasted up to 5 hrs on my waterline and on my lids it did last for almost 7 hrs or so . The claim that it stays up to 10 hrs for me it didn't work but coming to the point where it says it's smudge proof & waterproof i agree with that , it isn't smudge proof as soon as you apply but after setting it doesn't smudge nor it is affected by water .It didn't irritate my eyes either so it's a Must Have ! with this price tag all i can say just go for it :)


Overall i feel it's almost the best thing you can get under this price tag with such great pigmentation , smooth texture , smudge proof  kajal that stays on  for almost 7 - 8 hrs it's awesome , i would definitely re- purchase this one , it's lovely :)

  • Reasonable
  • Smudge proof & Water proof
  • Great pigmentation
  • Smooth texture 

  • 10 hrs i don't know ( up to 7 hrs max)
  • nothing as such

RATINGS :- 4.35/5

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm Review

Hello everyone , 
so today I'm going to review lip balm of nivea . Yes , strawberry lip balm 

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Strawberry

I know I'm over obsessed for these lip balms and trying out them is something that i really can't resist them all . Yup so yet another lip balm of nivea that I'm going to review today , i have gone gaga over them . Any way let's come to the packaging as you all know it comes in twister form of packaging similar to that of an lipstick   , it's sturdy , it might not sound cute perhaps it's pocket friendly though :)

PRICE ;- 145 /-

Well , coming to the experience it was nice , it gives a very i mean very little light red tint to your lips , it acts as good base for your lipstick . Staying power is not that great , overall it stays for 2- 3 hrs as per the part of moisturization it's not up to the mark  i mean not that great but still this one among my favourite so i can't help my love for it can't be described but coming to it's lovely fruity strawberry smell which smells 'Heavenly' , it's just awesome it smells of fresh lovely blissful strawberry which is my love that has helped me love this one more and more :)

Coming to the tint that it gives  to your lips might not be satisfying for some people , i mean i agree it doesn't tint like Pomegranate but still has managed to convince me and yes I'm loving it . Overall it has  all you need good staying power not great though but still it is quiet decent on that point . The tint that it provides is quite sheer as you can see in the picture below , i have done multiple swipes as you can see the swatch 



  • Smells great
  • Reasonable
  • Pocket - friendly 
  • Gives light red tint 

Cons :-
  • Not that great for the part of moisturization 
  • Nothing as such 

Ratings :- 4/5

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Creme Cup Review

Hello guys today I'm reviewing colorbar lipstick yes you heard it right the popular range of colorbar that every single  person goes gaga over it , the 'Velvet Matte Range' i got this shade named creme cup :)

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick : Creme Cup

PRICE :- 299 for 4.2 g

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Creme Cup
After hearing so much about it online and almost finding it everywhere  , i finally decided to try one .I was quite a bit confused ' what to pick / what not to ?' , after  browsing details about it, clearing my confusion i took a deep breath and finally concluded to take creme cup and here it is , so it's brown shade which has peachy undertones .Coming to the experience it was good not bad though but still i don't know why i prefer or I'm quite not satisfied with the colour , but would love to explore more from this range as it is a good one 

Coming to the packaging it is quite sturdy that helps , it comes in an transparent cap as you can see in the pic above and the part of smell freaks me out !! i know many of you don't really care about the smell but it has quite chemical smell , i know nobody tends  to eat their lipstick but just in case if it gets into your mouth like when you're having some stuffs like drinks , food etc or anything it tastes like chemical factory . Keeping the smell thing apart it is quite good , staying power is good , it stays for quiet sometime like around 2-3 hrs or so , which is not bad  at all . 

The texture of the lipstick is smooth it glides on your lips but i found the formula  quite drying it might turn bad if you're already suffering from chapped lips but i feel a lip balm under it would help your lips with this one . Overall it's a good lipstick with peachy brown shade with a good staying power , light on your pockets , sturdy , ignoring the smell , as many lipsticks don't give good smell . This one is a way to go for :)

Here's is the swatch ...


Pros :-

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Reasonable
  • Smooth texture
  • Travel - friendly
  • Has wide range of colours to choose from

Cons :-
  • Formula is quite drying
  • Smell

RATINGS :- 3.45/5


Friday, 8 May 2015

Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon Intense Cherry Review

Hello today I'm reviewing oriflame lip impact crayon intense cherry 

PRICE :- 329 /- for 3.9 g

Hey everyone so here I'm  to review this intense red cherry shade by oriflame , so yes i couldn't resist buying this one as ' I'm crazy about Reds ' yes , i do love them a lot over other shades my love for them is just infinite :)) and this crayon of oriflame has great pigmentation (OLAA) yes it gives superb pigmentation in just one swipe , it brightens up your skin like a bulb especially this shade it makes your skin glow and you look  flawless   . This shade has just won my heart overall I'm going crazy with this . Texture of the crayon is quite smooth it glides over your lips and just in one swipe 'You are Ready to Rock ' . As it is a crayon so as usual you will require a bit big mouth sharpener to sharp this one but a lot of product is wasted in this process  

Coming to the experience it was good not great though but still my cravings for this one has been still alive and the factor that it bleeds a lot like seriously a heck it does and especially during summer's or a hot sunny day if you forget to blot this one down you have committed a blunder it does bleed a lot but it can be blotted down by a tissue which would solve this issue and Yup it does stays for a quite a while like for 3-4 hrs and if you blot it down it might stay even longer  . Coming to the colour I'm mad over it i found this one amazingly hot , it gives intense red colour to your lips .As you can see in the swatch it's bleeding ,it is highly transferable , what ever you eat or drink but it stains highly , blotting it down is a must and leaves a red stain on your lips which would not fade away until you  use a make up remover to remove it .



  • Reasonable
  • Smooth texture
  • Great pigmentation
  • Superb staying power

  • Highly transferable
  • Sharpening causes wastage of the product 

RATINGS :- 3/5

Monday, 4 May 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock Review

Hello guys , today I'm reviewing this cute pinkie lip balm from maybelline

PRICE :- 165 /-

Hey , so here I'm to review 'My New found Love '. Yes , you heard it right I'm madly & deeply in love with shade and after hearing a lot from others and the moment I saw the swatch of it on line. literally , couldn't control myself  from placing the order , that moment when the order reached my home I was like ' Yippee Happy Dance ' :)) . Finally , i fell in love with it at first sight , I know I'm going a bit crazy but I can't help i actually felt like that .Coming to the packaging , I felt like it was far better than the other version of baby lips , it had similar packaging to that of an   lipstick , it has cap which was transparent with twister similar to that of an lipstick, when you see  through the cap  you can actually slightly see the bullet of the lip balm as you guys can see in the picture below .


Coming to the experience it was really fabulously awesome :) and coming to the shade , the pigmentation was far off or you can say much better than the baby lips which don't usually give much pigmentation but this 'PINK SHOCK' really gave me a shock !!, the moment I applied it on my lips for the first time I was like 'OH MY GOD ' I didn't expect much from the colour or pigmentation but it turned out really nice .The shade gives pink colour with slight purple tones and frankly speaking it stays for around 2-3 hours or so , you can't expect it to stay for 8 hours. as it claims  (nope it doesn't ) but coming to the part moisturization it does smoothens , hydrates your lips for that part of it's moisture stays around for 5 hours .Even though the colour fades away after 3 hours , it keeps your lips hydrated for a longer time , it might not heal much if you're lips are chapped .Overall I found it awesome and yes I would like to try others shades too from this range of baby lips  



  • Moisturises your lips
  • Reasonable
  • Attractive , cute packaging 
  • Good pigmentation
  • Contains Shea butter & vitamin e
  • Smells good 


  • Decent staying power ( 8 hours claim is false )


Lotus herbals Sheamoist Shea Butter & Real Strawberry Moisturizer Review

Hello everyone , I'm reviewing this one by lotus herbals  

PRICE :- 145/245  for 60/120 gms 

Hey i know you might be thinking who requires a heavy moisturiser in this DAMN ! heat but i just gave a thought about future i mean about upcoming obviously winter's or so when the climate  changes why not to purchase this one ? After all , hearing about it's super moisturization thing i thought let's give it a try  and so finally grabbed it and now after trying for a while i think all i can say it's just best for people with dry skin they  are surely gonna love this and yes , indeed it did work for me , it didn't make my oily skin greasy not at all , it penetrates easily into my skin and doesn't at make you feel look like a 'DUMB DODO ' nope it doesn't make you feel like that .

I think or i feel  that people with oily can use this , ya i know it might sound quite heavy for summer's but you can apply or use it in winter's it might not harm you either as it's non-greasy texture has definitely a point for you to buy nor it leaves whitish cast behind and you can not only use on your face but also use it on your hands & legs . It comes in tube packaging with a flip - flop cap which is easy to use and it's texture is smooth , easy to blend and it has slight pink tones as you guys can see in the pic above . Coming to the point of smell i really can't get over it . Yup , madly in love with this one , it smells lovely like fresh strawberries , it's smell lasts for about 2-3 hrs . 'WONDERFUL ' was the reaction when i smelled it for the first time and i still can't over the way it smells . This cream is really good pick not only for those who have dry skin but also for those with oily skin can use this one . I know you might feel a bit more than you usually require as for the moisturization part but perfect for winter's , it's good one go for it especially those with dry skin it's a must buy for you guys :)


  • Super moisturisation
  • Non-greasy texture
  • Makes skin super soft
  • Travel - friendly
  • Best for winter's  


  • Those with oily skin Might feel heavy 

RATINGS :- 4/5

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti Spot Fairness Cream Revie

Hello guys , today I'm reviewing pond's white beauty daily anti-spot fairness cream with UVA & UVB

Price :- 72 /-

So hello everyone I'm reviewing this cream , i made my mind to buy this because i found it interesting not with the part of fairness thing but the thing that actually caught my eye was anti -spot tell me , who doesn't want spotless skin ? everyone i think so yes all and finally brought this one . It comes in a tub packaging , texture is not that smooth , it requires a lot of blending , Yes it  does :(or it would leave patches if not blended quickly it would dry out but it does lighten up your skin like bulb , i think it's best for people with oily skin (yes it is a boon for them it works , it made my oily dull face to oil - free flawless skin ) but the sad thing about it is dry skin people might not like it as much as people with oily skin would prefer but that doesn't dry them completely nope , the thing only they require is moisturiser 

well , coming to the smell it might a bit smell like the fair and lovely if you ever had smelled it , you might find this one close to it but no doubt it works a  million times better than that , there's no comparison between them let's leave the smell thing and coming to UVA & UVB it does protect your skin from tanning to an extent (expecting much from it like sun screen with spf 40 would be too much)  and now coming that main reason why i purchased it ? the  spot reduction thing , i have been using this thing since 2 weeks or so i have seen difference not a huge one but still it has managed to reduced my spots . so , some how this has managed to win my heart not only with the thing that it doesn't make you look  made -up  , powdery or so and this fact has made me happy that every time i apply this it brightens my skin and i don't feel that 'CAKEY ' thing  on my face . My overall verdict  would be you can trust this one , go for it :) 


  • Controls oil
  • Reasonable
  • Reduces spots to some extent 
  • Travel - friendly 
  • Contains UVA & UVB
  • Brightens skin 


  • Might be drying for people with dry skin
  • Tub packaging 

Ratings :- 4/5