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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss Review

Hello guys today I'm reviewing yet another lip butter of nivea

Price :- 189 /- for 16.7 g

As i was so addicted to this range of lip butter's i couldn't really resist buying yet another one  and finally grabbed this one 'HAPPY DANCE ' i know I'm  going quite mad at it but i really can't help myself and coming to the experience it was wonderful it doesn't leave white cast on your lips and keeps them hydrated for a long period , it smells of rose but not that overpowering , it doesn't give any colour to lips but it moisturises them very well I'm obsessed over it for that  and i could find only con about it that it has tub packaging , your hands should be clean before you apply it then it's fine .It's sturdy , pocket friendly ,  gives me moisturization , reasonable overall superb . It's  must buy i can't get over them , my cravings have increased and I'm thinking to buy more of them, i totally recommend these are just lovely , and can be used as base for your lipsticks as they will keep your lips hydrated and you won't feel any dryness .


  • Superb staying power 
  • Heals  chapped lips
  • Pocket -friendly
  • Reasonable
  • Non -greasy 
  • Smells good 


  • Tub packaging 

RATINGS :- 5/5

which one you like the most in this range ?


  1. nevia lip balms are amazing. The tub packaging is indeed a con

  2. I have tried the Caramel Cream & Simply loved it! This one too looks amazing :)

  3. its one of the most cutest lip balm i own! though i don't find it much comfartable on my lips!

  4. comfortable* :P

  5. these lipbalms are amazing..i like raspberry one more than caramel :)

  6. I love these Nivea lip balms. This scent is not available in Canada though. Great review.

  7. raspberry is my favorite one :-)

  8. Lovely review babe! You had me at rose fragrance and moisturizes well :D

  9. i tried the caramel one....have to try it!

  10. I have not tried this range. Will surely grab this soon!

  11. I have tried nivea lip balms but did not find those good, but this one sounds fantastic. Will try it for sure :)

  12. I had one Nivea lip balm and It worked so good. This one looks great too. I will def buy this.

  13. Raspberry rose, the name itself is so delicious! This is definitely a good lip butter :)