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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti Spot Fairness Cream Revie

Hello guys , today I'm reviewing pond's white beauty daily anti-spot fairness cream with UVA & UVB

Price :- 72 /-

So hello everyone I'm reviewing this cream , i made my mind to buy this because i found it interesting not with the part of fairness thing but the thing that actually caught my eye was anti -spot tell me , who doesn't want spotless skin ? everyone i think so yes all and finally brought this one . It comes in a tub packaging , texture is not that smooth , it requires a lot of blending , Yes it  does :(or it would leave patches if not blended quickly it would dry out but it does lighten up your skin like bulb , i think it's best for people with oily skin (yes it is a boon for them it works , it made my oily dull face to oil - free flawless skin ) but the sad thing about it is dry skin people might not like it as much as people with oily skin would prefer but that doesn't dry them completely nope , the thing only they require is moisturiser 

well , coming to the smell it might a bit smell like the fair and lovely if you ever had smelled it , you might find this one close to it but no doubt it works a  million times better than that , there's no comparison between them let's leave the smell thing and coming to UVA & UVB it does protect your skin from tanning to an extent (expecting much from it like sun screen with spf 40 would be too much)  and now coming that main reason why i purchased it ? the  spot reduction thing , i have been using this thing since 2 weeks or so i have seen difference not a huge one but still it has managed to reduced my spots . so , some how this has managed to win my heart not only with the thing that it doesn't make you look  made -up  , powdery or so and this fact has made me happy that every time i apply this it brightens my skin and i don't feel that 'CAKEY ' thing  on my face . My overall verdict  would be you can trust this one , go for it :) 


  • Controls oil
  • Reasonable
  • Reduces spots to some extent 
  • Travel - friendly 
  • Contains UVA & UVB
  • Brightens skin 


  • Might be drying for people with dry skin
  • Tub packaging 

Ratings :- 4/5 


  1. I loved reading this review!

    x Karen

  2. great review dear...

  3. Great review. i haven't used Ponds for years.

  4. Seems like a pretty good product, especially for a drugstore


  5. Agree with you tub packaging is really troublesome

  6. The Beauty Highlights4 May 2015 at 01:12

    Nice review Aiza.

  7. I used it a couple of years back and liked it :) time to repurchase :)

  8. Great review babe! Other than the tub packaging, the product seems purrrfect :)