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Friday, 8 May 2015

Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon Intense Cherry Review

Hello today I'm reviewing oriflame lip impact crayon intense cherry 

PRICE :- 329 /- for 3.9 g

Hey everyone so here I'm  to review this intense red cherry shade by oriflame , so yes i couldn't resist buying this one as ' I'm crazy about Reds ' yes , i do love them a lot over other shades my love for them is just infinite :)) and this crayon of oriflame has great pigmentation (OLAA) yes it gives superb pigmentation in just one swipe , it brightens up your skin like a bulb especially this shade it makes your skin glow and you look  flawless   . This shade has just won my heart overall I'm going crazy with this . Texture of the crayon is quite smooth it glides over your lips and just in one swipe 'You are Ready to Rock ' . As it is a crayon so as usual you will require a bit big mouth sharpener to sharp this one but a lot of product is wasted in this process  

Coming to the experience it was good not great though but still my cravings for this one has been still alive and the factor that it bleeds a lot like seriously a heck it does and especially during summer's or a hot sunny day if you forget to blot this one down you have committed a blunder it does bleed a lot but it can be blotted down by a tissue which would solve this issue and Yup it does stays for a quite a while like for 3-4 hrs and if you blot it down it might stay even longer  . Coming to the colour I'm mad over it i found this one amazingly hot , it gives intense red colour to your lips .As you can see in the swatch it's bleeding ,it is highly transferable , what ever you eat or drink but it stains highly , blotting it down is a must and leaves a red stain on your lips which would not fade away until you  use a make up remover to remove it .



  • Reasonable
  • Smooth texture
  • Great pigmentation
  • Superb staying power

  • Highly transferable
  • Sharpening causes wastage of the product 

RATINGS :- 3/5


  1. i don't like products transferring on my glasses or on everything that my lips touch....but the color looks great....

  2. The color is pretty but I also don't like transferable lipsticks.

  3. Too bad it transfers so much, then it's a no no :-(

  4. radha abhishek10 May 2015 at 12:11

    It transfers way too much ..well evident from Swatch Pic!! Though shade is Gorgeous I will miss this one!!

  5. Lovely post.

  6. i have this and i dislike that it transfers like anything and it broke easily while sharpening too :( very messy.

  7. I have never tried oriflame's Lip pencils...Thir new lipsticks are good but...seems like this transfers a lot! LovelY review Babe :)

  8. Vishakha@reviewwali.com12 May 2015 at 05:41

    Hey Aiza! Landing to your blog for the first time ever.
    Nice review ! I prefer retractable fat lip pencils than the ones that require sharpening.